Monday, July 03, 2006


This is a three part introduction to the Internet for Public Relations students and practitioners. It is the first in a series of modules progressively introducing aspects of Internet mediated practice.

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This module aims to:

  • Raise Your Awareness of the significance of the Internet

  • Show you how pervasive it is

  • Demonstrate that it is a PR Opportunity and Threat

The module is delivered in three parts, each taking about 40 minutes in a combination of online, interactive and self assessment modules.

Each of the part comprises a combined lecture delivered using social media in the form of blog posts and podcasts allowing students to comment, contribute and progressively explore further resources.

Hyperlinks to knowledge resources, books and papers, expert knowledge or opinion are provided throughout to facilitate a wider understanding.

The three parts to this module are (you can go direct to each item/post by clicking on the hyperlinks below):

Part 1. Background to the Internet:


A Brief History

Multiple channels for communications

Mobile Internet

Part 2. Internet Mediated Public Relations:

How 'Internet PR' fits into 'Normal PR'

The Internet as a core discipline

The five key elements


What publics want to know

Finding out about publics



Transparent memories


How messages move

Loss of control

Internet Agency

The five elements reviewed

Part 3. Rules of engagement:

Internet Strategies





Each post (page) has a link to a commentary podcast which you can listen to as you read the notes. Just click on the podcast link which will open up a new page for the podcast and then return to the notes page to follow the commentary.

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